You can not only relax, but also help nature.

Raffles Hotels & Resorts, which recently opened in the Maldives, are 38 secluded villas with their own pools, built in such a way as not to disturb the peace of local flora and fauna. The resort even has the so-called marine butlers - specially trained marine biologist staff who tell guests about the Maldives ecosystem. The underwater world here is known to be very diverse (and Raffles Hotels & Resorts is located right next to the large coral reef), and you can watch it - the hotel offers diving in the company of a sea butler and biologist. In addition to equipment, everyone is given a GoPro camera - not only to leave pictures of the video as a keepsake, but also to help collect data for a photo-identification project for sea turtles. You can learn more about them and how to help preserve the animal population in the local marine environment research center. And if this isn’t enough for you, take part in a project to measure coral growth and monitor sea water: it helps marine biologists to track potential threats to coral reefs.

They clearly love nature here - the hotel’s design was also dedicated to the fauna: paintings and other interior decorations on a marine theme were ordered by local craftsmen, and they were asked to use only eco-friendly materials - for example, bamboo, ceramics and fabric.