Giving $ 1 million per week stay.

Recently, a new service has appeared on the Airbnb real estate rental site - Airbnb Luxe. Now you can not only stay in ordinary apartments, but also rent one of two thousand castles, chic mansions or islands. For example, rent Nukutepipi, the atoll of French Polynesia, and come here with 50 friends. In addition to the island itself, you will have at your disposal a personal captain, chef, massage therapist and even a doctor. You will have to pay a lot for such a service - $ 1 million per week of accommodation. Owns the island, by the way, Guy Laliberte, which owns Cirque du Soleil. And this is not the only stellar name you can stumble upon while scrolling through the list of properties on Airbnb Luxe.

Finding yourself in the Jamaican villa of Jan Fleming, who wrote novels about James Bond, is now no problem either. Going on an excursion for this is not necessary - you can rent a chic house. In the same way as the XI century castle in Tuscany or the eco-house in New Zealand. The main thing is that you have enough money for this. Prices for accommodation in such real estate start from $ 2500 per night.