To wrinkled things did not spoil the mood for the holidays.


Regularly every traveling person should know how to fold things in a suitcase. Fortunately, if your bag during travel looks like a dump after the hurricane, that our small but important tips and tricks will help transform the chaos in a perfect system with neatly folded clothes. When you are faced with stress during a flight or in communicating with relatives on vacation, harmony in the suitcase and the bag can positively affect mood and give strength to survive this nightmare. Just below is a list, having familiarized with which you not only bring order to your Luggage, but can even spread the story with fees in instagram.

1 Check again all you are going to take

Put suitcase the whole, look at each thing and think: maybe something is left at home. Nobody argues that you can pack at least 15 minutes prior to the arrival of a taxi, but it is better to consider the list in advance, it will help to take the Essentials and save space in the bag. Again, think: what if you don't need two identical t-shirts or three warm sweaters, because they take up a lot of space, and wear them all you are unlikely to succeed.

2 Buy a comfortable and beautiful bag

We are sure that your sports bag is certainly very practical, but it is better to purchase a suitcase. There are many offices that will greatly simplify the process of packing things. However the main plus is the wheels, which will save you from spinal hernia. Look at the minimalistic cases firms Away with the built-in locks that are virtually impossible to crack.

3 Not only fold, but also turn things

The most meticulous up fees, travelers say that the best way to pack is to use a packaging machine BS. If you, like us, have no idea where to take it, just turn t-shirts and jeans, and more hard things like blazers and jackets, neatly fold.

4 How to make costumes

Packing costumes require special attention. You can just fold them in half and placed in special bags or turned inside out, folded so that the lapels contact again and then collapsed to compress the suit more tightly.

5 Complete the free and unused space little things

Gently roll up socks, underwear, ties – everything that is not a very large and well-formed. Then shove all of these rollers from clothes to shoes, which must lie at the bottom of the suitcase, or split stacks of things.

6 Anything that can explode, leak or get lost, pack separately

Use the small bag, purse or, in extreme cases, the gripper. Fold all the cords and cables in one bag, toiletries in another, but always made of plastic to avoid leaks (and we all know that plastic is not ecomaterial, but prefer to clean things soiled costumes). Individual bags for shoes also bring certain order in the suitcase.

7 Buy toiletries small size

Even the most big brands of cosmetics and personal care produce special products for travel, so people don't have jars and tubes of big sizes.Buy toothpaste or shaving foam in advance in a small package so you don’t have to wonder if all the necessary accessories will fit in your bag.

8 Put massive things in special vacuum bags

Going skiing? If you just cannot avoid packing bulky items such as warm wool sweaters and overalls, then buy compression bags that minimize the amount of space.

9 Get dressed and think about hand luggage in advance

The hardest, for example massive sneakers, it is better to put on a plane so that their weight is not taken into account when weighing. The same applies to large and thick hoodies - in a suitcase they can take up all the space, and on board an airplane a hoodie can be easily removed and hung on shoulders.

10 Always leave the corner empty for souvenirs and shopping

Someone from your relatives or acquaintances will definitely ask you to bring a souvenir. You may not like them, but it is better to leave a place for magnets and any other trifle. You yourself can suddenly buy something, so don’t fill absolutely all the space in the bag, it will come in handy.