To rest is not turned into torture idleness.

A normal summer in Moscow, we seem to have not wait. So the only way to enjoy the heat is to pack their bags and take off somewhere with really nice weather. For example, in the Maldives. There is plenty you can bask in the sun, swim in the ocean and envy the locals who live here all year round. And even if you do not too like a beach vacation in the Maldives you'll probably like. The more that these Islands are not so boring as you say. Main thing is to find a hobby to you. Here's what we suggest to do not to be tired of idleness at this resort.



To talk about how good the diving in the Maldives, we won't, because you yourself know it. The only thing we should mention is it's best to dive under the water as far away from the capital male ' city. In this small town is home to more than 130 thousand people, one third of the total population. So in that area the ocean is not the cleanest. For the best diving go to the Raffles resort Maldives Meradhoo in one of the southernmost Islands of the state. There is very clear and clean water you'll be able to observe blacktip sharks, fish, parrots and spotted stingrays.



In the Maldives you can for days under water. Day – swim with scuba diving, and evening dining in an underwater restaurant. Even in order to crash, you do not have to go ashore. You can stay in an underwater hotel The Muraka. Experience like, you know, will be unforgettable. Only here to sleep surrounded by sharks at a depth of about five meters can not everyone. Especially the night in a hotel will cost you £10 thousand. Therefore, we suggest to limit the dinner at the restaurant "5.8", which serves delicious seafood. Although it is the largest underwater restaurant in the world, it is designed only for ten pairs. So don't forget to book a table in advance.



In the Maldives you can enjoy not only diving. For lovers of active holidays there is another option out of nowhere. Many people mistakenly believe that the ocean off the coast of these Islands always calm. But it's not. The first surfers were in the Maldives in the 70-ies of XX century. However, catching waves, they are not planned. Their ship crashed, so the guys were forced to spend some time on the island. Fortunately, neither the passengers nor the baggage was not injured. So instead of shipping the problem, the surfers just got Board and went to cut them waves. This accident happened near the capital of the island on the North malé Atoll, so in search of the troubled ocean go there. For example, in the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing. Here is annually held the championship of surfing, Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy, so the resort was not unusual to meet famous professionals from Australia and from Hawaii. The hotel has a surf school, Tropicsurf, so the quality of local waves you will appreciate even if you visit the Maldives never stood on the Board.


This Maldives we suggest to engage not only those who suffer from insomnia. The air on the Islands is very clean and artificial lighting at night almost never works. Because of this, the skies are always cloudless and very starry. The Maldives archipelago the island is located almost on the equator, so you'll be able to see constellations of both hemispheres. Scorpio, omega Centauri, the rings of Saturn and the belt of Jupiter – it's easy to see just by lifting the head up.


Maybe you're lucky and on the boat you will find yourself in the first minutes of your stay in the country. Many hotels deliver their clients from the airport to the Atoll by boat. In General, for residents of the Maldives, the boat has always been a special means of transportation. Local on them for hundreds of years fishing, trading and getting to neighboring Islands. The country even has a reputation as a legend that at night on the shore facing the wonderful girls in beautiful dresses to help all the lost and the shipwrecks sailors. If on the way to the hotel to ride on the boat will fail, don't worry. Many resorts, in particular Raffles Maldives Meradhoo, arrange a special tour. On the boat you're taken as close as possible to the equator and you will meet the sunset in the middle of the ocean.


This is a separate issue in the Maldives. The alcohol in this strict Muslim country is very scarce. It is served exclusively in restaurants and hotels, and only visitors. Local is strictly prohibited to deal with alcohol. But in spite of strict prohibitions, the good stuff is still to be found. The resort Velaa Private Island Maldives is the largest in the Maldives, the wine cellar, numbering more than a thousand types of wine. If you are not too need the heat, postpone the trip to the Maldives until November. Throughout the month the hotel will host a series of dinners from well-known winemakers and head chef of the resort.


This is the case, if you decide not to stick to one wine. Russia underground club may not be such a wonder, but for the Maldives, where the strong influence of Islam, the phenomenon is amazing. 15 Below is located at the W Retreat, where vacationers only allowed over the age of 13. The club has live DJs from all over the world, so long as local sleep, some tourists convinced that the Maldives is not so boring.


You've probably heard that scientists are sounding the alarm not only about the disappearance of the Great Barrier reef and the flooding of Venice. The Maldives, which rises above sea level just two meters, also run the risk of becoming a victim of global warming. Fortunately, the adverse affect these projections and begin consciously to relate to the environment is still in our power. From Raffles Hotels & Resorts, in addition to the 38 luxury villas and Spa has another great advantage – the policy of the resort, aimed at the preservation of the Maldives. The hotel has a marine butlers, who share with guests expertise on local marine life. With them, any visitor of the hotel will be able to contribute to the salvation of the nature of the archipelago: to participate in projects on measuring coral growth and monitoring of sea water, helping biologists in their weekly studies. In addition, you will be able to participate in regular sessions to clean up the reef, along with the team of the resort. After this you will once again not want to buy water in a plastic bottle.


Let's be honest, the inhabitants of the country do not bother over the fact that tourists coming to their island, it was something to admire, besides the natural beauty of the Maldives. Grand architecture are to be found. And even if you get to malé, where most of the buildings States national Museum, Presidential Palace and the main mosque of the state – be prepared for the fact that all these buildings will amaze you by the scale and impressive in appearance. Male, though the capital, but small – its area is just 2.5 km2, so the Grand monuments in it just does not fit.


To be sure to feel the city, go to the market. In male two of them: fruit and fish. First local like to buy a small honey bananas, mangoes, coconuts, Kurumba, papaya and spices. Only here you can see the betel leaves and Areca palm fruit – the natives mix them with the lime and carefully chewed after meals to improve metabolism.We do not recommend repeating after them, but we recommend that you try bars of honey and coconut pulp wrapped in palm leaves. If the fruit market seems too dirty and noisy, it is better not to meddle in the fish market. Especially at lunch, when fishing boats return with a daily catch. The prey usually consists of tuna, which is traded directly on the tiled floor. The spectacle, of course, is a big fan, as is the smell on the market. But not all the time to sit on your paradise atoll.