Pasta with truffles in Orvieto and pale pink sunsets in Salerno.


Most likely, you have already been to Italy. Thoroughly studied Roman pavement, Milan's bars and boutiques of the Florentine Cathedral (and steak) and the Venetian gondola. So it's time to leave on new level – to rent a car to explore the less popular Italian destinations, accessible by train, but it takes more time and requires more energy.




Ask any of the inhabitants of Orvieto, "Where the most beautiful Duomo in Italy?", and each, without a moment's hesitation, report that in their hometown. And frankly, to cover their trump cards almost nothing. To study mosaics and bas-reliefs of a medieval facade, which depicts the biblical history of mankind, and the works of fra Beato Angelico and Luca Signorelli clock. But even more amusing that to get to the fortress city by a funicular. When you get framed in the secure walls of Orvieto, just to the right of the exit from the station will see the well of St. Patrick, in which you can go down. Its depth is 53 meters. If you explore the dungeons you like, it is opposite the Duomo is the entrance to the cave system and tunnels, earlier, former real underground city, which was strictly classified. When you're hungry, go to any restaurant that serves pasta with truffle. Mushroom that Moscow gold in Orvieto rubbed so generously that the jokes about that truffle pasta, are asking themselves.



Itself of Salerno – the city is not the most interesting. He was not an active business centre and not a busy tourist Mecca, and not a nice quiet village. But nevertheless, you can stroll the boardwalk and eat ice cream in brioche in Salerno look at you askance if you prefer Gelato in a cone or Cup – very nice. Although go here we suggest another reason: in the mountains, in via Santa Maria del Campo, is the farm, where there are several teepees (or tipis tents), each able to accommodate tourists. This is totally a family business that has goats, chickens and horses, dinners (if you can master feeding from six to eight dishes and a bottle of house wine, please, accept our homage), and a Breakfast cook himself a farm owner, Giovanni, and the yard worn by the local children who are learning to shoot a bow. From the mountain offers unparalleled views of Salerno and the sea, so be sure to-grab out of the restaurant, bottle of wine, build a fire (in designated area, so as not to burn down the tent) and enjoy the sunset (and dawn).



When you tire from downshifting in a tent next to the goats, ride in a sleek and refined Sorrento, where the locals and tourists to the beginning of the aperitif (about 19:00) already wear costumes and dresses, not allowing himself to appear on a narrow, wagging streets in shorts and bathing suits. The city is based on a cliff, so no beaches in the usual sense here. Sun loungers and parasols is located on the long moorings, dive in the sea with them is a pleasure, especially when the heat reaches such proportions that on the stone slabs you can fry not only eggs, but also steaks. For one day be sure to rent a boat to admire the rocky coast from the sea.



About Francis of Assisi you must have heard at least once. One of your friends-intellectuals had to bring it up as an example, talking about the ascetic way of life, normcore and minimalism. Assisi, as you might guess – the birthplace of the Catholic Saint who created the Franciscan order. It's logical that the city is their main Cathedral – Basilica of San Francesco decorated with frescoes by Giotto. Should be studied not only her but the entire medieval city, dotted with churches and cathedrals and is completely built of stone, pale pink.



In Castiglione del Lago, the call is for two reasons: to see the gigantic size of the lake Trasimeno – you do not immediately get rid of the idea that it is not the sea, and hear the mesmerizing hum of mosquitoes. Understand the second reason seems as absurd, you are certainly in classical literature came across the description of entire hordes of insects that are buzzing in unison so that it looks like that's gonna happen air attack. The sound that absolutely mesmerizes and scares, so when you feel what it was like for young anthropologists studying tribes in New Guinea, head to the nearby wineries, which in Umbria and nearby Tuscany with a vengeance, to smooth out the experience.



Amalfi is another artsy beach resort, where the summer attracts many tourists, narrow coastal highway turns into a solid plug. It is believed that on the Amalfi coast, grow the most delicious lemons, so here every meal need to complete the ice-cold Limoncello, which is served in tall glasses. The town is quite small so when you get tired just bask in the sun, rent a kayak and go out with friends on the Amateur rowing competitions. Just stock up on sunscreen – your knees and shoulders are in a real danger.