If you want a week to get to Europe, and all the classic places like Prague, Berlin or Barcelona you have traveled, you should try Poland.



To begin the journey we suggest from Gdansk, especially if you like traditional travel view attractions. There are plenty of them. This port city is the closest Russia and is famous for its architecture. Drive there is very simple from Kaliningrad (the road is just 160 kilometers). At the same time suggest to compare these two cities, too many have in common.

There is a perception that a major port have to ruin the city because of a large number of industrial enterprises, but Gdansk dispels this myth. To estimate the centre of the Old town – it is very similar to the German and Austrian settlements to medieval authenticity. Of the attractions recommended to see the Old town hall, climb to the top of St. Mary's Basilica (there is a great view of the city) and visit the Church of St. Brigid – the interior of amber is impressive. And the main calling card of Gdansk – street Grobla, which are like toy houses.



Krakow to attend, as the second beautiful city in Poland is hard to find (perhaps only Gdansk can compete for this title). Especially the place is famous for its castles. In fact, their's not to say that a lot, but the scale is striking. The main building of Cracow – Royal castle Wawel, the former residence of Polish kings. To with attention to detail around the whole area, need at least three hours. Antique arms and ornaments in the Treasury, bulky tower and even a dragon at the entrance, periodically produces fire from its mouth. This lizard is, of course, made of stone, but in such surroundings we seem to believe in this dragon.



If you are a little tired to rest and want to download some more serious information, we recommend you to visit the main Museum of Poland – the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is located near the Polish town of Auschwitz. In General, Auschwitz and Auschwitz – this is the same (the Germans called the town Auschwitz during one of the partitions of Poland), but the poles do not like when the concentration camp is associated with their country and called on the Polish way, so suggest to avoid this term in the context of the camp. Inside, all the horrors of war and the Holocaust. Paint everything that is there, the details are not particularly desirable. Just be the courage to learn more about what happened in Europe in those days.



When you get to Warsaw (and we have no doubt that he would get), you will have a choice which Museum to go in the first place (if you do want them to go). We recommend the Palace of culture and science. Let's start with the fact that it's very easy to find. Yes, in General, to look for it, most likely, will not have, as it is located in a skyscraper in the city centre. It should be immediately evident, because it is a 230-meter high building is almost identical to the Moscow Stalinist skyscrapers, and is the largest in the city. Actually, it was donated by Moscow even during the existence of the Eastern bloc. In recent years because of their Association with the Soviet Union it even thinking to carry, so don't hesitate to visit.

Inside the building, not a Museum: there are many restaurants, theatres, cinemas and exhibitions. The coffee Palace is a great Apple pie and cinnamon rolls and good coffee. There are in the structure and viewing platform from where you can see the whole city (and its historical part as well). Exhibitions there is plenty: from the impressive exposure of the steel shapes to the Zoological collections of butterflies. So find something to their liking will be easy.

But as in many other cities, you will have to face a huge queue, so we advise you to buy tickets in advance. And one more tip: do not ask the locals where the “palace” is located, as this word in Polish means a station. Instead of visiting museums, you can accidentally leave the city. Do you need it?


As in any self-respecting European capital, Warsaw has a place to drink beer. Bars, of course, are located in almost every part of the city, but we will recommend our favorite place. Same Krafty is located in the heart of Warsaw, in a cozy and atmospheric, but very small room in the Old Town. We even think that this is the secret of any successful beer house: the smaller the institution, the tastier the drinks. The choice here is also wide - Pilsner, Stout, IPA from Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland and other European countries. Burgers and pizza are served as snacks. We have not tried burgers, but we recommend pizza.



Not everyone can afford the national cuisine of Poland. And no, it's not about some sky-high prices or difficult accessibility - dishes can be found in every restaurant. The fact is that this kitchen is very fatty, full of fried meat and butter dough. The food, of course, is for everybody, but if this does not bother you, then be sure to try. Among our favorites are bigos and pies. The latter are not pies at all (even the stress falls on the penultimate syllable). Rather, they are potato dumplings with fried onions. Bigos is sauerkraut with meat, in simple terms. It may not sound very appetizing, but in fact, if it is cooked correctly, it will turn out delicious. In each city, tourists are assured that they cook these dishes best, but we would advise you to try them in Warsaw.