Besides beaches.



Seychelles has everything for a luxury holiday, including dozens of luxury hotels. To search for the most suitable not too long and painful, we have selected for you three of the most successful option.

Constance Ephelia Seychelles

This hotel is located in the lagoon marine Park of Port Launay with rare birds and unique underwater world. At the hotel, which occupies an area of almost 100 hectares, there are five bars and many restaurants where you can taste local and international cuisine.

Hilton Labriz

This international chain has reached the Seychelles. Here are just two of the Hilton, and both worth a look. The first is located on the Silhouette in the middle of the national Park "Sainte Anne Maren". This hotel is ideal for those seeking a quieter and secluded relaxation, because he's the only one on the island.

Hilton Northolme

But if you want to be closer to the bustling life of the main island of Seychelles Mahe, Seychelles Northolme will be your best option. The hotel features 15 villas with breathtaking views of the Indian ocean. From the hotel easy access to major attractions of the island: the Botanical garden and the capital of Seychelles. And nearby fishing, diving and water skiing.



Go to the island of La Digue to enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. Source d'argent is the most famous and most photographed of them. And nearby is the plantation of vanilla. But need not be limited to only one beach. Visit Marrone to admire the huge boulders of pink granite and clear turquoise water. However, the beach will have to Wade through the jungle. But maybe it's for the best, because it definitely will not be a lot of people. If you tire of the sun, restaurant Lanbousir. It serves delicious seafood and breadfruit.



All tourists arriving in the Seychelles are automatically placed on the main island of the archipelago of Mahé, as it is the only airport in the country. However, not many travelers are delayed, leaving the district without proper attention. But we recommend to stay on the island at least half a day. On Mahe the capital of Seychelles is Victoria (the smallest capital in the world). Its population is 27 thousand people. Here are the only Museum in the country, the Institute and the traffic light. To avoid all these attractions, you will need an hour. But if you come to Victoria on Saturday, a must-have item of your program should be a large local market which is open every day except Sunday. Here you will experience all the local flavor and you will find the most exotic fruits. And here fresh tuna, because Victoria is one of the largest ports in the Indian ocean.

Le Jardin du Roi

Royal garden or a spice Garden, located on the island of Mahé. Here they grow bananas, nutmeg, avocado, cocoa, lemon – the list is endless. However, Le Jardin du Roi boasts not only a rich collection of plants, but also history. The Park was founded in the XVlll century and for over 200 years owned by the same family that cares to this living ENCYCLOPAEDIA of botany was not a herbarium.


On this island – the second largest in the Seychelles remained virtually untouched nature.Therefore, there are many national parks. One of the main ones is the "Valle de Me", where the largest palm grove in the world is located - more than seven thousand palm trees, on which huge coconuts de coco grow. In addition, there are many waterfalls and rare species of birds, such as black parrots. On the island there is another national park, which can be considered an underestimated attraction of Praslin - “Ferdinand Foundation”. You should come here at least for the observation deck, which overlooks the picturesque bay and neighboring islands.



There are places for great diving in the Seychelles near each island. Only on one Mahe there are about 70 of them. For example, the Trompez Rocks rock, which goes 20 meters deep. Near its foot among the granite boulders many exotic fish swim. And if you want to see a sunken ship, head to Ennerdale Wreck. At this point, a British tanker crashed 50 years ago. It all looks very ominous, given that the ship was chosen by giant eels, scorpions, and even sharks.